Wræcca (Sword of Woden Book 2) par C.R. May

Wræcca (Sword of Woden Book 2) par C.R. May
Titre de livre : Wræcca (Sword of Woden Book 2)
Date de sortie : June 1, 2013
Auteur : C.R. May
Broché : 344

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C.R. May avec Wræcca (Sword of Woden Book 2)

Geatland – Late Summer 517 AD

Fresh from the desperate defence of the Northern borders of the Kingdom, Beowulf is appointed by King Hythcyn to lead the greatest ship army in the history of his people, carrying fire and sword to the ‘Black Heart’ of their enemies. But all is not as it seems. Hythcyn’s actions have thrust a flaming brand into the delicate balance of power in the Scandinavian lands, setting a series of events in motion which quickly spiral out of control.

As Beowulf begins to understand that the Allfather is carefully grooming him to confront the Grendel, a mysterious affliction begins to cast its long dark shadow across his soul, causing him to fear for his sanity.

In an enthralling tale of brutal battles, love and betrayal, Beowulf and his closest kin are swept up by the storm and scattered to the winds. From the mountainous rollers of the North Atlantic to the frozen forests of Swede Land and the bloody temple at Uppsala, Beowulf and his fellow exiles, the Wraeccan, gather their strength and prepare to confront King Hythcyn in the final battle for Geatland.


'Entertaining and building into a really good trilogy. If you like Bernard Cornwell or even Simon Scarrow you'll like this.'

'This book on the Viking era is one of the best I have read, and I have read a lot.'

'I have just read all three books in three days, the only bad part is that I have now finished them. Great books.'

'I really enjoyed this book. I am quite fussy about style content and story line. My 50 page rule certainly didn't come into play. The detail and description of battle is just how I like it. C May has a confident style and is able to move the story along with ease. I shall definitely look for other books by this author.'