Japanese Storefront Design par Jinling Qu

Japanese Storefront Design par Jinling Qu
Titre de livre : Japanese Storefront Design
Date de sortie : April 1, 2011
Auteur : Jinling Qu
Broché : 240
ISBN : 9881973805
Éditeur : Design Media Publishing Ltd

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Jinling Qu avec Japanese Storefront Design

Storefront design is a comprehensive art form, which consists of architecture, decoration, and surrounding landscape. The commercial area in Japan is a place where exchanges of culture and commerce are active between Japan and the West, and where both pop design and Japanese style can be found. Storefronts play an important role in attracting customers by adding characteristics and charms to the shops. Every detail in designs such as layout, colors, lighting, advertisement drawing logo design, or huge display cases, will directly lead to perfection and become important elements that capture fashionable Japanese styles, regardless of which kind of design styles. In this book, listed are the storefront designs of many world's top brands and distinctive stores in upscale shopping districts in Japan. The features of Japanese storefront design are summarized from the aspects of structure, materials and styles.