1000 Animal Stickers par Fiona Watt

1000 Animal Stickers par Fiona Watt
Titre de livre : 1000 Animal Stickers
Date de sortie : March 1, 2012
Auteur : Fiona Watt
Broché : 68
ISBN : 9781409536444
Éditeur : Usborne Publishing Ltd

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Fiona Watt avec 1000 Animal Stickers

This fantastic book is brimming with 1000 animal-themed stickers. The reader can choose which ever stickers they like to fill the colourful scenes, creating pictures of their own. Scenes include an Australian outback to fill with kangaroos and koalas, treetops in a rainforest to complete with busy monkeys, and cute hamsters to add to a hamster cage. There are also extra stickers that can be used to make cards and pictures, or add to letters, envelopes and postcards.