Miles of MAC par James Gager

Miles of MAC par James Gager
Titre de livre : Miles of MAC
Date de sortie : September 9, 2014
Auteur : James Gager
Broché : 256
ISBN : 0847843513
Éditeur : Rizzoli

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James Gager avec Miles of MAC

M*A*C Cosmetics, a pioneer in professional makeup, presents one hundred looks that epitomize the span of their thirty years as the leaders in high-fashion makeup. Since its founding in 1984 by the Canadians Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo, M*A*C Cosmetics has revolutionized the role of makeup and become a leader of avant-garde and edgy looks both on and off the runway. Their motto-all ages, all races, all sexes-and unique advertising campaigns featuring RuPaul, Catherine Deneuve, Lady Gaga, and even Hello Kitty have helped to inspire experimentation and fearlessness with makeup in the modern woman (and man, too). Blending fashion, beauty, and culture with an unapologetic approach to individuality and self-expression, M*A*C has reached an unprecedented level of worldwide appeal and accessibility. As the ultimate colour authority with an unrivalled spectrum of shades, M*A*C allows for full creative expression through makeup without judgement. With striking images of some of the best and most inspiring M*A*C looks to date, this stunning book celebrates M*A*C with over 200 colour photographs and gives readers the opportunity to delve into the colourful and surreal world that makes M*A*C one of the most highly sought-after cosmetics brands in the world.

." ode to the paring of skin with makeup and a feast of inspirational portrait ideas. The book's 200 chroma-driven images comprise a lustrous swipe file of unconventional, ingenious makeup treatments--some over the top, some surprisingly elegant --each with a different iteration of Aldridge's well-developed sense of fantasy." -"Rangefinder"

Miles Aldridge is a photographer based in London. James Gager is the Senior Vice President and Group Creative Director for MAC Cosmetics, La Mer and Jo Malone brands.